Presentation of the Ariadne project

Ariadne Pilot course on 23-25 May 2012

The Hungarian partner of the ARIADNE project, BBS, organised the first seminar of the pilot training module ARIANDE (23, 24 and 25 May 2012).
This meeting represents the joint result of the project partners work (HEC Liege, Euricse, Open University, ESCEM, MAC-Team, Ynternet and Ciriec) started in 2010.

Classes are taught by Hungarian researchers and professionals but also with the support of Europeans experts :

Many Hungarian professional practitionners participated.
More info via a first feedback after the seminar...

Download this file (ARIADNE_pilot training programme_v11_EN.pdf)ARIADNE_pilot training programme_v11_EN.pdf[ ]313 kB