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In October 22th and 23th, ARIADNE Partners shared all national training pilote session results to evaluate the Training Approach designed for the Hungarian Market. Practionners involved in all session gave a global satisfaction of the training content and the pedagogical approach,
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Events related to Ariadne, Social Economy or Manangement in the Social Economy

International congress of CIRIEC

International congresses CIRIEC represent an expected time of debates between practitioners and researchers. They bring together hundreds of participants worldwide.
The 2012 congress will take place in Vienna (Austria) on 12-15 September. The main topics were:

  • Public Economics, social and cooperative serving general interest
  • What ethics for a global economy.
  • A responsible and sustainable economy.
  • Social mobilization of civil society.
  • CIRIEC and service of general interest.

Sectoral workshops will cover energy,water, waste, health, social housing, transport and university.
In conclusion to the congress, the Edgard Milhaud Prize 2012 will reward the work of a young researcher.

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